Approval Sheet for Thesis with Examples and Format

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Writing thesis and stuck on approval sheet? If yes then don’t worry in this article I will tell you how you can design a perfect approval sheet. I’ll also share a few different examples and the cool thing is that the samples are downloadable in word doc format. So let’s jump into the article.

Approval Sheet for Thesis

Writing a thesis requires a lot of research and time. It is not an easy task for most of us but in the end, we need to do it. Another important and challenging task is to get approval from the authorities. Most of the researchers are apprehensive about thesis approval rejection because of their bad thesis approval sheet.

After completing the thesis, you will need to create and add the approval sheet pages for your thesis. You can submit the thesis to your college or university after getting approval from the authorities.

The approval letter is usually added on the second page of the thesis. This authorities approval improves the reputation of the thesis in the academic field for submitting it on different platforms.

So now you have understood what is the approval sheet in the thesis. It’s time to understand how you can write and design a perfect approval sheet for a thesis.

How to Write and Design Approval Sheet for Thesis

Writing and designing an approval sheet is not a difficult task. You just need to follow some guidelines and basics and you will be able to create a perfect thesis approval sheet.

Below I have shared a quick guide to creating an approval sheet for the thesis. Create a Microsoft Word document or google doc whatever you are using and get started with the quick guide below.

The first step is to add your university name and logo at the top of the page. It usually comes in the header section. You can add a logo image of your university/college and write the name in bold and center. This is the basic thing you probably already have added in other pages too so you can just copy-paste.

2. Start with the heading

The next step in writing an approval sheet is to create a new MS Document or Google document and start writing with a title. Give the page a bold and focused title, “Approval Sheet.” The title is one of the parameters that will help readers to identify what the page is about.

3. Write a statement for the approval sheet

Write a short introductory statement for thesis approval just after the heading. It includes your thesis title name and your name. Keep the statement short and simple. A maximum of 100 to 150 words statement is enough.

This statement will inform the authorities about your thesis topic. Write in a formal language without grammatical errors. If you are not a grammar expert and do a lot of grammar mistakes then try to use some grammar checker tools to avoid grammar mistakes.

4. Add a section for author’s signature and date

After writing the statement, design a section for the thesis author’s signature and date. You can write the author’s signature on the left and the date on the right, or you can use the left side for just the signature and date.

You need to design it right after the statement. See a quick example below.

Author Signature………………


5. Add a section for approval committee members

Now add the next section for the members of the approval committee. Give it a title like “Approval Committee” or “Approval Examiners”. Write a brief statement for thesis approval on behalf of the approval committee as they will sign under it.

6. Design a signature and date section for approval committee

Now you are almost done. Just add a signature and date section for the members of the approval committee.

Once you have completed all the steps and your approval sheet is ready you can add it to the second page of your thesis file.

Importance of Approval Sheet in Thesis

An approval sheet is an important page in the thesis. This is an essential page to get approval from the authorities for submitting your thesis to the university/college and various other platforms. An approved thesis is a sign of confidence in your research and paper.

Thesis approval is usually given by the research and approval committee of a university or college. Once your thesis is approved you can submit the papers on any platform and people will trust your papers because of the approval from authorities.

Check samples and select a format for your approval sheet

If you have never written an approval sheet, you should look at some examples first or you can also use a pre-made template for a thesis approval sheet. The first thing you need to do is to check some approval sheet samples and get some ideas for creating your own.

By analyzing different samples your mind will open and you will be able to generate thoughts and ideas for writing your approval sheet.

Example of Approval Sheet in Thesis

I have shared some approval sheet examples with the download button in this article. You can download samples and can use them as templates.

Once you’ve checked out a few different samples, it’s time to select the template you want to use in your approval sheet.

Thesis Approval Sheet Example 1

approval sheet examples

Thesis Approval Sheet Example 2

thesis approval sheet format example

Thesis Approval Sheet Example 3

Approval sheet for thesis example 3

Final Suggestions on Thesis Approval Sheet

The process of writing an approval sheet is easy. Just follow the above guide and use the template provided and you will be able to create a great approval sheet. If you face any difficulty please comment I will try to help you. Follow Acknowledgmentpedia for more helpful guides.

FAQ on Thesis Approval Sheet

Where to add the thesis approval sheet?

The approval sheet is usually added on the second page of the thesis.

What is the ideal length of the thesis approval sheet statement?

A paragraph of 100 to 150 words is sufficient for the thesis approval sheet statement.

Who writes the thesis approval sheet?

Authors themselves need to write thesis approval sheets but if your institutions have set guidelines then you will need to follow and design the approval sheet as directed by the institution. Once the approval sheet is ready, you can submit it to the committee for approval.

Why is an approval sheet necessary in a thesis?

An approval sheet is needed to approve the thesis for submission of the thesis to the university/college. Once the thesis is accepted, the credibility of your thesis also increases.

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