5 Best Grammar Checker Tools for Academic Writing

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If you are an academic writer then you probably know about the importance of well-written content without any grammatical errors. Avoiding grammatical errors is very important, especially when you are in the academic writing field.

An academic writer needs to be very careful about grammatical mistakes. Hence proofreading is required to identify such errors but there is another way to identify these errors by using online tools.

Many tools and websites are available on the Internet to check your academic writing for grammatical errors. From dozens of grammar checker tools and websites, I’ve handpicked some of the best for you.

Best Grammar Checker for Academic Writing

After checking over 15 grammar checkers I have shortlisted the 5 best grammar checkers in this list. Below I have listed and explained some of the best grammar checkers for academic writing. Let’s jump below and read this article to know more about these Academic Grammar Checkers.

1. Grammarly

grammarly logo

This tool is widely popular among users for identifying grammatical errors. Grammarly is available in free and paid versions.

The free version is sufficient for most of your grammar checks. It gives accurate data and is able to identify most grammatical errors. But if you want some additional features like more vocabulary enhancement, citation suggestions and plagiarism features then you have to buy the paid version.

Grammarly also has a Chrome extension available. Using the chrome extension you can check the grammar errors on different web editors.

If you are a smartphone geek and you do most of the writing work on your smartphone then you can use the Grammarly keyboard which is able to recognize errors and correct them for you.

Grammarly Free and Paid Versions

Grammarly is available in three different editions free, premium and business. For basic usage, the free version is sufficient but you can also buy a paid plan if you want some advanced features. Below are the pricing and key features of different plans of Grammarly.

PlansPrice Starting From
Premium$12.00 USD / month
Business$15.00 USD / member/month
Grammar, punctuation, and spellingYesYesYes
Tone detectionYesYesYes
Auto CitationsYesYesYes
Plagiarism DetectionNoYesYes
English fluencyNoYesYes
Full-sentence rewritesNoYesYes
Team FeaturesNoNoYes
Grammarly Features for Free, Premium, and Business Plan

Grammarly Key Points

  • Chrome Extensions Available
  • Grammarly Keyboard available for smartphone users
  • Easy to use and simple interface, Excellent tool for new writers.
  • Free Version is good for identifying basic grammar mistakes.
  • Premium Version Available ( The premium version comes with more advanced features such as vocabulary and writing style suggestions and full-text plagiarism checking. )
  • Tone Detector ( To identify how your content sounds to readers. )

2. Ginger

Ginger grammar checker logo

If you want to be an excellent academic writer who is well-versed in grammar then Ginger will come to your rescue. This amazing tool not only tells you about your grammatical errors but also helps you to learn and master grammar.

Ginger grammar checker tool is able to identify the most common grammatical errors like using wrong nouns, verbs, misspelt words etc. The sentence rephrase feature allows you to make a perfect sentence for your message.

The add-on text reader feature helps you with your pronunciation skills. The Ginger is more like your personal trainer which helps you to learn from your previous writing mistakes in the learning centre.

Ginger Free and Paid Versions

Ginger is available in free, paid, and business versions. The free version comes with some limitations but is possible to use for most of your work. The paid versions give you some more advantages for making your writing better.

PlansPrice Starting From
Premium$13.99 / month
Business$4.99 / month/member
Grammar CheckerLimited CorrectionsUnlimited CorrectionsUnlimited Corrections
TranslationNo40+ Languages Available40+ Languages Available
Sentence RephraserLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Team FeaturesNoYesYes
Ginger Grammar Checker Features, Free Vs Premium

Ginger Key Points

  • Chrome Extension Available
  • Downloadable Version available for Windows users
  • Application available for Android and iOS users
  • Excellent grammar checker for academic writing
  • Learning centre available for learning from your previous grammar mistakes
  • Text-to-speech reader available
  • Dictionary feature for getting the instant meaning of any word
  • The smart word prediction feature predicts the next word as you type
  • Rephrase feature rewrites the sentences in more alternative ways

3. LanguageTool

LanguageTool Logo

LanguageTool is also a good tool for academic grammar checking and proofreading. Like any other grammar tool, it is also capable of identifying and flagging your grammar and spelling mistakes. You don’t even need to register to use the free version of LanguageTool.

This can be a great tool to use if you’re a non-native language writer. It lets you set the mother tongue so that if you are writing in a non-native language it can detect common mistakes you make as a non-native writer.

LanguageTools also offers a rephrasing feature that lets you rewrite selected sentences in different ways. LanguageTool is able to identify common errors in over 30 languages ​​including English, German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

You can also switch between different English accents US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand.

LanguageTool Free and Paid Versions

LanguageTool is available in free, premium, and business versions. You can use the free version to identify the most common grammar and spelling mistakes.

The premium version comes with some extra features and enhancements for making your writing better.

PlansPrice Starting From
Individual$19.90 / month
For Teams$9.99 / month/2 member
FeaturesFreeIndividualFor Teams
Grammar CheckerBasic Grammar CheckEnhanced Grammar ChecksEnhanced Grammar Checks
Punctuation CheckerYesYesYes
Text LengthUpto 10,000 CharactersUpto 100,000 CharactersUpto 100,000 Characters
Team Accounts for BusinessNoAvailableAvailable
Rephrasing Limit5 in a DayUnlimitedUnlimited
Team FeaturesNoNoYes
LanguageTool Features, Free Vs Premium

LanguageTool Key Points

  • Rephrasing feature for rewriting sentences
  • Extension available for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari
  • Easy to use on Google Docs, MS Word, and OpenOffice
  • Downloadable version available for Windows and macOS
  • Mother Toung Setup feature for enhancing writing skills as a non-native writer
  • Supports over 30+ languages and different English accents
  • Student Discount available on Language tool premium

4. Linguix

Linguix Logo

Linguix is ​​another great grammar checker to spot and corrects your grammatical errors. Whether you’re a student, freelancer, or journalist, Linguix is ​​the perfect tool for everyone.

Linguix also has a web browser extension. The web extension works perfectly on all web apps including Gmail, Google Docs and other text editors.

Linguix has a keyboard app available for iOS and Android users. With the Linguix keyboard app, you can write without any grammatical errors on your smartphone.

It detects mistakes and highlights them with red underlines. You can hover over the highlighted words and select the correct words. Using Linguix is ​​as easy as any other grammar checker tool.

Linguix Free and Paid Versions

Linguix is available in three different plans free, premium and business plan. Below is the breakdown of some major features of the Linguix Free and Premium Plans.

PlansPrice Starting From
Premium$5 / month
BusinessContact Linguix for Business Plan Pricing
Grammar & PunctuationYesYesYes
Content QualityYesYesYes
Advanced writing recommendationsNoYesYes
Full-sentence rewritesNoYesYes
Team Style GuideNoNoYes
Linguix Features Free, Premium, and Business Plan

Linguix Key Points

  • A perfect grammar checker for basic uses
  • Add words to your personal dictionary, helpful for adding some business names, or native language words so the tool will not mark them as a mistake while writing
  • Web Extension available for Chrome and other web browsers
  • Linguix Keyboard is available for smartphone users
  • A template feature for different types of writings like email, social, essay, business, and CV

5. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is also a perfect choice for your grammar checking and proofreading. This tool is capable to identify grammatical errors and also helps you to improve your writing style and power. ProWritingAid helps you spot silly grammar mistakes.

This ultimate tool is easy to integrate with MS Word, Google Docs and various writing platforms. By using the web extension you can check grammatical errors on different web text editor platforms.

It also has a rephrasing feature for making your writing more easily. So if want something to rewrite just use the ProWritingAid rephrasing feature.

ProWritingAid Free and Paid Versions

ProWritingAid also has two different plans. The free plan is available for all but with some limits. The expert plan has its own advantage because it gives you some advanced features and enhancements.

PlansPrice Starting From
Expert$10 / month
Grammar & Punctuation500 Words Limit in one CheckUnlimited
Rephrases10 in a DayUnlimited
Word explorer & ThesaurusYesYes
Advanced style improvementsNoYes
ProWritingAid Features, Free Vs Premium

ProWritingAid Key Points

  • Rephrasing feature for writing sentences in more alternative ways
  • In the free plan, you can only check upto 500 words in one check
  • Web extension available
  • Citations feature available with the premium plan
  • Easy to integrate with different web and app text editors.

Final Words on Grammar Checkers for Academic Writing

Above are some of the best grammar checkers for academic writing. I’ve handpicked only a few of the best grammar checkers out of a bunch of tools. The above grammar checkers are really very helpful to write good content without grammatical errors.

If you are a beginner then just go with the free plan of any of the above tools. You can also use the Grammarly Free version which is widely popular and works really well for correcting most of the grammatical errors.

Out of the above list, I would choose Grammarly. All other grammar checkers are also good but now I am used to only Grammarly. Let me know your thoughts on the above list and which grammar checker you found most useful.

FAQ: Academic Grammar Checker Tools

What are some of the best grammar checkers for academic & research writing?

Grammarly, LanguageTool, ProWritingAid, Linguix, and Ginger are some of the best grammar checker tools for academic writing and research writing.

Why should you use a grammar checker for academic writing?

A grammar checker tool helps you to improve your writing accuracy and remove grammatical errors. This makes your job of proofreading easier, and some grammar checkers are even able to rewrite sentences. A grammar checker has many other advantages and serves as a useful tool for academic writers.

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