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Reading and learning daily is the key to becoming perfect in any skill. Academic writing also requires a lot of reading and learning efforts to become a professional writer in the field. You can learn and improve your skills through daily writing practice but there is another way to make your learning more successful.

You can learn from others by reading books and can implement good practices in your writing. During my learning days, I read some excellent academic writing books, which have helped me improve my academic writing skills. I still read a lot of books and they are the inspiration for most of my articles on this blog.

Books for academic writers to improve writing

I have handpicked some of the best books that can help you improve your academic writing. All the books I have selected are the best choices for academic writers.

Below is a quick table view for all the books I have shared in this article.

Book NamesView on Amazon
The Sense of StyleRead Now
Stylish Academic WritingRead Now
Bird by BirdRead Now
On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftRead Now
How to Write a LotRead Now
Write No Matter What: Advice for AcademicsRead Now
Best academic writing books

1. The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker

“The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century” was published in 2014. The book is written by Steven Pinker. Steven Pinker’s “The Sense of Style” was ranked among the best books of 2014 by The Economist.

Steven discusses the writing approach, grammar, and how to make writing more engaging. This book contains a lot of practical advice that will definitely help you.

It is a perfect book to read for writers who want to develop a sense of style in their writing.

2. Stylish Academic Writing by Helen Sword

Helen Sword’s this book has the insight views from more than 70 academic writers. After analysing hundreds of articles and books, she has written this academic writing book for people to help in their writing.

The book is available on amazon with 4.6 ratings. Check out her website ( for some more knowledgeable content for making your writing better.

3. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

The Bird by Bird is written by American novelist and non-fiction writer Anne Lamott. The book was originally published in 1994.

Anne Lamott shares some relatively good tips and principles for becoming a good writer. This is one of the must-read books for aspiring writers. Bird by Bird is available to buy on amazon with 4.5 ratings.

4. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King shares the experience of becoming and mastering the art of writing. The book was originally published in 2000.

The book is divided into five sections C.V., What writing is, Toolbox, On writing, and On Living: A Postscript.

In the book, Stephen King talks about his journey to becoming a writer and how he found the experience of writing. He titled the first section of the book “C.V.” And said that this is not an autobiography but a curriculum vitae.

He discusses the importance of grammar and vocabulary in writing and gives some amazing advice on improving writing.

5. How to Write a Lot by Paul Silvia

“How to Write A Lot” is a highly recommended book for writers. The books give you the advice to improve your writing and become more productive. Paul Silvia shares practical strategies for becoming a professional writer.

The strategies shared by Paul are beneficial for beginner writers as it discusses some real writing issues and gives some great advice.

6. Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics by Joli Jensen

Write no matter what is an eye-opening and must-read book for academic writers. Write no matter what book talks about the responsibilities, commitments and struggle that writer face in meeting their writing goals.

Ultimately, this book will teach you how to happily write tons of educational material. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and several eBook platforms.

Final Words on Best Academic Writing Books

Above are some recommended books to improve your academic writing. I am sure these books can really help you to become a good academic writer.

Remember reading habit always helps you in your writing journey so it is recommended that you read the best author’s books and apply their suggestions in your writing.

FAQ On Best Books for Academic Writing

What are some good academic writing books?

The Sense of Style, Stylish Academic Writing, Bird by Bird, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, How to write a Lot, and Write no matter what, are some good academic books to read.

Does reading books improve writing skills?

Yes, if you want to be perfect in writing then surely reading books will help you to write more engaging and quality content. Reading books helps you to understand the methods of writing and your sense of writing.

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