Best Academic Search Engines for Research and Educational Purposes

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Finding a trusted and reliable source for writing a research paper or project isn’t an easy task. There is a lot of content available on google but you need something that should be reliable and trusted for adding as a source in your academic writing projects.

You can’t find everything on google by scrolling for hours. For beginners, it becomes more difficult to find a relevant and trusted source.

Yes, we all can google everything but for academic writers, there are some other trusted platforms available that are more reliable to use. I have researched some best academic search engines and shortlisted some best of the for you.

Best Academic Search Engines to Use for Research and Projects

If you are searching for some research projects and academic resources then it’s better to use an academic search engine rather than a general search engine like google.

There are many academic search engines available on the internet but I have handpicked some of the best academic search engines for you. Below I have shared the best search engine that you can use for educational research and project writing.

1. Google Scholar

google scholar

Google Scholar is one of the best and most popular search engines for academic writing and research purposes. Do not be confused with both Google search engine and Google scholar, both are different and have pages indexed on different criteria.

Google Scholar is also one of the Google LLC products and was developed specifically to be the best search engine for scholarly articles and journals.

Google Scholar is a free-to-use search engine. On Google Scholar, you can search for previously published research, academic projects, books, a thesis, peer-reviewed papers, and various scholarly documents.

If you are new to google scholar, you should read my previous post on the Advantages and disadvantages of google scholar.

2. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

base search engine logo

The BASE is another popular academic search engine with a huge search volume. This is a free and open-source web-based academic search engine. This scholarly search engine is developed by Bielefeld University, Germany. The BASE search engine contains more than 316,518423 documents from 10,555 content providers and these numbers are increasing daily.

On the BASE search engine, you can search for various kinds of academic resources, research, Journals, etc. The BASE search engine is one of the trusted and reliable sources for writing academic journals and research projects.

3. Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar search engine

Semantic Scholar is an AI-powered search engine for scientific literature. This AI-based search engine allows you to search through over 200 million papers. This Academic search engine is free to use. It was first launched in 2015 at the Allen Institute for AI. Semantic Scholar also allows you to export cited data.

Users can also set up alerts to receive new citations and new paper updates. This alert feature does not let you miss any important updates. Semantic Scholar has various filters to make your search easier.

4. Researchgate

researchgate search engine

Researchgate is not recognized as a search engine but it acts like a search engine. If you are in the research field, you must have heard or read about Researchgate. This is one of the popular websites among researchers. It has a database of more than 135 million publication pages and these numbers are increasing day by day.

You can search for various research topics like science, physics, social science, chemistry, engineering, etc. Researchgate was started in 2008 and since then it is operating and helping so many researchers.

5. Refseek


The Refseek academic search engine allows you to search through over 5 million documents. You can search for a variety of journal articles, research, and more on the Refseek academic search engine.

If you are looking for some resources for your research project then surely you can use Refseek to find some informative material for your research.


Core search engine

The CORE is another search engine in our list of best educational search engines. This academic search engine allows you to search through over 250 million papers.

It is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for researchers. CORE gives you open access to various research papers and journals. It is a perfect platform for finding relevant resources.

7. search engine is also a wonderful academic search engine. It provides you with search results from over 13 federal agencies. A user can search for information on for research and development purposes.

It has indexed more than 60 databases, 2200 websites and more than 200 million pages. This academic search engine provides information in full-text documents.

Final Words on Best Academic Search Engines

These are some of the recommended and best search engines to use for educational and academic purposes. The first on my list is Google Scholar and which is one of the most used academic search engines because it has more data than any other academic search engine. But there may also be some information that you do not find on Google Scholar but can be found on other search engines.

Google Scholar, BASE, Refseek, Researchgate and each of the academic search engines listed on this page are alternatives to each other and best to use for research and development purposes. Remember that we cannot say that all of the above listed are the most accurate academic search engines as they often rely on third parties for content.

Therefore it is recommended that you always do some basic checking to make sure that all the resources you are using have the correct information.

If you found this article helpful then please comment below and share your thoughts. Your appreciation will encourage me to provide you with more quality information.

FAQ: Best Academic Search Engines

What is an example of an academic search engine?

Google Scholar, BASE, and Refseek are some examples of academic search engines.

What is the use of academic search engines?

Academic search engines are used to find scholarly articles, journals, research, and other academic resources. This type of search engine is mainly used to find educational and research and development resources. Researchers use it to make their research more visible by uploading it to these search engines.

What are the differences between academic search engines and general search engines?

General search engines such as Google and Bing are capable of providing any type of information, but an academic search engine is oriented only to academic resources and scholarly articles, and sometimes to legal papers.

What are some Google Scholar alternatives for academic research?

BASE, Refseek, Semantic Scholar, and Researchgate are some of the alternatives to google scholar.

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